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Re: H4N "Planted Tank ROOM"


Got another bag of aquasoil in.
Fill the last two 10g on top shelf.
Filled the black and white sand ones.
Met up with Barbgirl and got a 10g from her and I went into PETCO and got another 10g.

I also moved up the very bottom t8 light fixture up. Each shelf will need two of these fixture to light the tank evenly. Since i have the tanks turned the long way.
Good thing there cheap! And I got extra bulbs already.

I don't know what to fill the last two 10g with.
It might be an ugly mix of left over substrate lol!

A picture pictures of my emersed 40b
Started about 1-2 weeks ago.
The glosso is already like 85% filled in! Stuff grows quick emersed!

UG looks like it is growing. I can see small sprouts coming thru.

Another a picture of my first 40b I setup.
Random mess of plants right now.
Once I get the rest of the 40b up I can organize the plants better.

I also have the second 40b up with aquasoil.
But it has major green dust algae since these lights are crazy strong. I just had to raise both more.
Now I say they are about 8-10" above the rim.
Which is about 70-80 par at the substrate.

Before it was about 4-6" above the rim and had 100-110 par at the substrate.

I'm also going take two bulbs out and see if I lower it I can get enough par at the substrate.

If so I can buy 2x bulb light fixtures for the rest of the tanks and save money/electric.


I also bought a small indoor seeding/growing kit for veggies.

Well that's it for now!

Going try and setup another emersed 40b tonight if time allows haha.

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