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Mines only a week old and dry started with Hydrocotyl​e Japan, anubias nana, DHG, round pellia, fissidens, and some other moss:

I plan to keep shrimp in it so I used some fine shrimp intake filter screen and siliconed it inside the overflow and outside the lower filter hole.

I'm gonna keep spraying it everyday for 2 weeks and then flood it.

Current: 45g planted, MTS/EcoC/blastingsand. SunSun filter, pressurized CO2.
Old: 15g planted / Aquaclear 30, Eco-C, Pressurized CO2
Old: 10g heavy plants, Eco complete, Cherry shrimp, otto's. DIY CO2 w/ glass diffuser. Aquaclear 20.
Old: 55g planted, Soilmaster select charcoal, community tank. Pressurized CO2 w/ in-line reactor. Magnum 350 pump.
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