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I've visited those chains all over the US, including my former home state of Arkansas, and asked basic aquarium questions at each site, as I was working on an article for another forum on fish stores. Of course, I wouldn't have mentioned names to avoid a court visit.

Some of the questions: Do you have any Corydoras? A. Is that a bird or a fish?

How big do those Iridescent Sharks get? A. Only four or five inches, and they only grow to the size of tank you put them in.

I have a 10 gallon tank. Can you suggest some fish for it?

You can imagine the answers I got on that one.

The problem I have with the chains is they give totally inaccurate information to new or novice fish keepers, resulting in confusion of the fishkeeper as why Fish A swallowed Fish B when the chain told me they'd get along fine.

You and I know what's what in the realm of fishkeeping. Personally, I've been keeping fish for 35 years, and haven't had to battle disease in the last 25 of it. I'm a writer by profession, and one of the things I write are on aquariums, and aquarium keeping. The vast majority don't know, and as very few people actually read a book and do research before buying a fish, they are chickens ripe for the pluckin' at the chains, to the woe of the buyer and the fish.

By the way, my favorite fish store was in Jonesboro, 'til the roof caved in during one of those wonderful ice storms that I'm sure you've experienced.

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