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Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
Isn't bettatail's guide for both single and two stage regulators?
Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
So, I closed the co2 tank release handle and opened the regulator valve to charged the LPG to 100 psi, then closed the regulator valve (counter-clockwise) completely. Finally, I removed the regulator from the co2 tank. I waited 10 minutes and took a picture as shown below to record the reading on my LPG (95 psi).

At this point, I'm almost certain that there's an issue at the second stage of the regulator.
The way you have written out your previous posts makes it sound like you have a dual stage regulator, when in fact, you apparently do not.

When you remove the regulator from the CO2 cylinder, without the second stage of regulation, it is possible that the gas just escapes back through the high pressure inlet, no? Perhaps oldpunk78 or Bettatail can chime in on this.

If you do not have a dual stage regulator, then I do not see how you are trapping your CO2 in the second stage of regulation (since the regulator does not have a second stage...)


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