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got myself a sump tank for free.

This is a 40b from a petco and was used to keep feeder fish. this is already drilled w/ three holes. two next to each other, and another on the same glass but by the other side.

this isn't an ideal set up for me as I'd prefer to have the sump under the tank, but it will work out well enough.

the plan is to have the feed from the 125 go into the two holes that are next to each other. I'll block the other hole and pump out from that end though. I will have a light on it, at least a section, for 10-20g area for growing plants, fry, shrimp, etc.

I intend on using pex instead of pvc pipes for most of the piping to reduce any elbows and keep the system movable in case that needs to occur in the future.

I'm also hoping to take advantage of the space in the "maintenance room" for a rack of 10's or 20's for fry, shrimp, plants, food, whatever. as far as my wife is concerned, if she can't see it, it's doesnt exist! I'd love to have 3 20 longs on top of each other, tied in to the same filtration as grow out tanks. Ideally I'll be able to raise african dwarf cichlid fry here as it is my intention to find some of the other species for this tank and hope for breeding.
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