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Complete Leak Check, CO2 pressurized system

I'm back...

Here's the first reading

Second reading:

Third and final reading:

Clearly there must be a leak on the second chamber of this reg. I used a 1/4" plug on the relief valve and outlet ports. There shouldn't be any decrease in pressure unless it is leaking from the LPG...

I redid all the connections the LPG and the two plugs making sure to do three turns of yellow teflon and tightening as much as I could keeping in mind not to overdo it with my mighty strength.

This is a very small and maybe insignificant leak but is it worth keeping the reg?

This is a Victor SR 453d meant to be used with CO2...I like the size of the reg and gauges but sadly it leaks.

Yes, it is a one stage reg but adding a good needle valve would have made this a nice rig.

Any thoughts?
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