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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by distrbd
Great stuff.I am thinking you could use an air pump ,pumping into a sealed container,that has only 2 holes on the lid,one for the air pump line in,another hole for the outlet line .the pressure from the air pump pushing on the surface of the liquid inside the container and as a result the liquid has no place to go but up through the outlet line into the tank.
I have used this system on other projects and realized you really don't need a lot of air pressure to push on any liquid as long as the liquid is not too thick and also the container is not placed too far form the receiving tank.
So Wasserperst what do you think?
I think that has been described first by Mr. Magicmagnihere and then I sort of repeated it here. It works very well too, but is a little bit harder to adjust. Note that I removed the drippers and control the pump output via airline valves - much simpler.
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