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Originally Posted by Gold Finger View Post
I was speaking loosely when I said "Plant anubias and Java". They will be tied to stuff. Although I have never had much of a problem with uprooting I realize that it is a potential problem with the crypts. I don't want to come home to find em all floating around the tank. Especially since it could easily melt them. maybe I should consider changing them for something which roots more firmly or has a bigger root ball.
I'd give the crypts a try. If you have some decent sized river stones (too heavy for the fish to move), you can play with making a rock barrier around the crypts and still have space to move one when you need to replace root tabs.

There are quite a few very easy and attractive crypts. I've never tried vals because just about all the goldfish owners I've chatted with have said the fish mowed those down overnight.

Love my fish, but hate seeing destruction of plants.
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