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Originally Posted by h4n View Post
eh just take your time man. happen to all of us.

shrimp you need patience! haha

set it up let it cycle and build tons of biofilm and that it go and then get some shrimps!
Just frustrated, thats all.

Yeah thats the plan. Dry start it(already have), flood it and plant it. Let it run for a month or 2. The go from there.

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
I want a CRS tank so bad, but with having to monitor all those parameters and the initial expense of acquiring them, I'm struggling.
I am WIFE diagnosed OCD, so i look forward to that aspect.

Originally Posted by Conrad283 View Post
I like that piece of driftwood on the right
Thanks, me too, it looks like a spider climbing over the rocks. i dig it.

There are 2 types of people on this forum. Those that have algae, and those that lie and say they don't.
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