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Originally Posted by Kai808 View Post

I like the equipment set up. But IMO, it looks like you might be running into the same issue about the scape that I have. The tank is so long that it's hard keep the left and rightside hardscape consistant while still complementing each other.

I really like the left hand side. Perfect wood, plants, and a good transition to the right using the stones in the back(The stones remind me of a Heiau). Then you get to the rightside... I'm just not feeling that driftwood. The angles are unnatural to me and I would find another piece or just take it out and move the leftside over to the right a little.

This is just my opinion but I hope it helps.

Staring at my tank this evening and was thinking the same thing. I'm a bit torn cause I like the look of the right sided branchwood pieces individually. It also doesnt help that the wood is a different color. I think I over bleached them and may rubbed off all the bark or something.

I still want to try and make the wood work tho, and I'm going to wait til my rear stem plants fill in before I make any huge adjustments. Details of plant layout to follow.

Thanks for the critique.

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