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Originally Posted by laqu View Post

I love making web-sites i'm sure you'll have fun
It's a LOT of work keeping up with it all, but yeah, I think it's fun, too.

Originally Posted by Razorworm View Post
Nicely laid out and very informative! My daughter and I have been discussing the addition of some type of reptile to the fishroom.
Thanks! You seriously can't go wrong with a Crestie- they are GREAT pets. Easy to take care of, don't need a lot of space, and you can hold and play with them (which was a huge change from me and my fish lol)

Originally Posted by babydragons View Post
Your website made me miss my crestie. I had to give him away. My cats kept knocking his tank over and it was really stressing him put to the point of barely eating. Great website tho!! And some awesome looking cresties!!!
Awww! Nice of you to be willing to give him up so he'd be less stressed. Hopefully you can get another some day!

Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
Very nice and so easy to use! That's what I love best about good websites - ease of use, lol.

I cried a little inside too, when I saw 81 degrees...

The logo art is great!
Thanks! Looks like we're actually in for a rainy and chilly weekend, now though! Booooo- I wanted to go to the beach!

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
It looks great!
Thanks, Devin!

Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
Nice website!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Aquaticz View Post
you have a nice collection. i used to sell select leopards to Julie Bergram
Thank you! Julie is awesome

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