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All Fluval Spec Mods

Hey man, I never even thought that cutting the rubber tube would increase the water level in the chamber.

I'm not sure I could call mine low tech anymore but I hear you. So I always thought that mulm was dissolving and being converted into nitrate spikes, so I wanted to get rid of it. My solution was adding a filter in the back. This could also easily be attempted with a HOB, but I used a small canister.

I said that because the canister outflow is pretty strong. I get decent surface agitation, but I also get a lot of movement in the column.

Long story short, my shrimp are used to it. They enjoy it as long as it isn't disturbing the bottom where they rest. In my opinion it almost makes it feel like a bigger tank to them lol. Swimming against the current.


With your floaters.. It depends. When I had only a few, yes they didn't multiply.

When I covered 1/3 the tank with them, they thrived. It depends on if you can set it up so they're not disturbed too much.

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