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Ugh, what a long day. Got all my fish and shrimp transferred to a temporary 37 gallon with the canister filters. Reinforced my cheap Petsmart stand by adding 4 additional cross braces on the bottom, and a total of 8 addition support braces hidden inside the cabinets. Reinforced the bottom inside the cabinets and also ran some additional pieces to help better support the top. Overall it turned out well. Even though it was already rated to handle a 75 gallon, I just felt the quality of the stand was an issue and something that would be in the back of my mind. Now that it has been retrofitted this thing will have no issues handling a 75. Now I almost wish I bought that 90 gallon instead....

Found out my "Flip Top" legs on my Catalina Aquarium light will not fit the rim of the 75 gallon. Just when I thought I was getting by cheap on this upgrade. Had to order their regular legs for $20 + $10 shipping. Oh well.

Anyways, I also got the wall behind the tank painted. Scratch another thing off the "honey do" list, although I'm sure my wife will have me painting the rest of my man cave tomorrow or Sunday.

The only thing remaining is the fun part, which is setting up the new 75, scape it, and add the fish. That will have to wait until morning though.
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