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10 gallon set up

Okay, my final tank was set up today when my plants arrived. This is a 10 gallon planted tank that will hold fancy guppies (my oldest daughter adores them) once its cycled.

Substrate: CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand
Hardscape: Lace rock, bogwood, unknown rock (not limestone or sandstone)
Lighting: 2 daylight CFLs
Equipment: Marineland power filter 100, Aqueon 10w heater
Plants: Cryptocoryne spiralis, cryptocoryne undulata, bacopa caroliniana, anubias petite (thanks blackwidow!) marsilea minuta, and a moss that was supposed to be Christmas moss, but I suspect is java moss. Since the photo, I've added some frogbit and dwarf water lettuce.

How soon do I begin testing? My tests just arrived the other day, and I've been testing the other tanks daily, but they ran for at least a week before the tests arrived.

I went from no tanks to four. I'm a bit obsessed.
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