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I am such a geek, my girlfriend is out at a hockey game while I'm staying at home working on the aquarium. I feel like I have failed as a Canadian.

Anyway... Ive made some progress with the canopy. I scrounged up some scrap steel cable from work today and picked up some of the fasteners etc that I'll need to hang this thing.

There were no convenient joists to attach the canopy to so I had to mount into drywall. Since this canopy is sporting a pretty hefty loaf of aluminium I decided to go with a 4 point hang instead of 2.

To attach to the ceiling I used this:

I made up some steel cable and will attach it to the bolts using a quicklink:

First one in:

All four (the canopy will be raised higher then this, I have the cables long currently so it will be easier to attach, then I can raise it and level it off after):

I used 4 x 1/4" eye bolts to attach the canopy to the steel cable. I drilled holes through the canopy and bolted them all the way through. I wasn't comfortable simply having screw in ones in case they pulled out from the weight.

To finish it off, I used acorn nuts on the outside so it wouldn't look too bad.

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