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Possible Ich in my tank, please help!

Hello all, so upon looking at my tank today I noticed my Sword tail has 2 small white spots on his head. It is a bit paler then the rest of his body, and he is acting a little erratically. I am not sure if this is actually Ich or it was just a spot I have not noticed before, so to be safe I wanted to add some aquarium salt to the tank and bring the temp up a few degrees. My question - can all my fish and plants survive the salt?

7x Zebra Danio
2x Golden Dojo Loach
4x Sword tails
3x Black Fin Tetras
1x Platy

3x Java Fern
2x Hornwort
1 unidentified Cryoto
1x Rotalia Inidica
2x Amazon Swords
1x Pennywort
and 2 other low tech plants that I am unsure of. Thank you for the response.
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