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Box of shrimpies

Hello, TPT! Just getting into the hobby thanks to my 3 year old son's love of all things fishy. Before getting him a tank the only aquariums I was familiar with were saltwater and the average fresh water gravel and plastic plants set up. It wasn't until after I got his tank set up that I discovered the beauty of planted tanks. Now "just one tank" is becoming three! The tanks I've seen on the forum have been great inspiration as I become familiar with the hobby. So, I thought I'd start small and progress from there as well as share it with those who'd like to take a look.

This little 1 gallon tank was given to me by my sister inlaw. I thought it'd be a great way to get into a planted tank and hopefully some shrimp.

No mechanics of any kind. Substrate is just basic aqurium gravel. Hardscape consists of a piece of driftwood, a couple rocks, and an aquarium Elephant decoration from the LFS. Plants are regular and windelov java fern, frogbit, moss balls, and christmas/sŁŖwassertang/java mosses. Light is from a standard cfl bulb and 3-4 hrs of indirect sunlight. The only plant not doing well is the frogbit; bummer, it's my favorite. My original plan was to add cherries but blue velvets and fire reds are very appealing. For now there's a couple ghosties calling it home.

Thanks for looking
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