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Originally Posted by Steve001 View Post
Look through this thread New Lighting for a 150 gallon- 6 ft open top tank.-UPDATED! GROWTH PICS! it will address all of the concerns you have. also look at the links within the thread. with leds you can do even better than a T5.
Yeah, but that is a lot of different colored LEDs, LOL! Would be a very expensive and hard to build fixture.

Plus note that high CRI isn't necessarily good. I did try some 97CRI fluorescents that everyone raved about on photography forums once. And I was completely unimpressed, even after a month to let my eyes and the plants adapt. Even common low CRI 6,500K bulbs looked better.

So I save the high CRI bulbs for photography and Stef's art area. And use bulbs in tanks that look best to me, even if they exaggerate colors and have horrible CRI.
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