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Originally Posted by Scifisarah View Post
Hello, just joined the forum in Rockford, Michigan and am new when it comes to planted tanks. I have two 2.5 gallon planted nano tanks in my "My Tanks" area and also a 75 gallon Malawi Mbuna Cichlid setup. I am also hoping to start a 20 gallon long planted native darter tank this Spring, but not sure if my application for a collector's permit will be approved since I did not know the exact locations I would be collecting from. I hope they do approve me so I have an excuse to go tromping around in streams. I'm a stay at home mom with my 3 and 4 year olds and try to keep my sanity keeping busy with fish, chickens, and an Etsy craft business working with recycled wool but don't always succeed.
Welcome! I saw your CL post looking for a lady for your
scarlet badis. Good luck! If you can't find one, you can see if anyone's willing to ship in the WTB forum or Bluefish may be able to order one for you.

Originally Posted by Mumford View Post
Was really disappointed with Preuss Pets plants. Very poor care
Really? That's too bad! I didn't inspect them too thoroughly but I thought they looked a lot better than what I've seen at any other LFS.
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