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Originally Posted by assasin6547 View Post
That one above is looking pretty good! Is it seiryu stone? If not consider putting a colony of CRS or some kind of shrimp.

Thanks! I think they're Seiryu stone or Ryuoh stone, I'm not able to tell the difference. Why do you say if not then consider...?

I was thinking about putting some Red Shrimp in after a few weeks, tank is mid-cycle at the moment, ammonia is gone within 24hr, waiting for nitrite eating bacteria.

co2 and lights are coming next week (it can't get here quick enough! I want my HC to survive!)

Only problem I am having is the bunches don't feel so securely rooted in yet, but they are growing, so might wait until there is a full carpet and staple them down before adding shrimp as I don't wan't the little buggers floating up after I put shrimp in.
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