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Originally Posted by IWANNAGOFAST View Post
Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on good documentaries to watch that deal with freshwater fish?

I've been watching a lot of River Monsters but they never really show any aquarium fish we keep (unless you're on monsterfishkeepers too!)

So here are two amazing ones I've found
Equator: rivers of the sun - features a lot of amazonian fish

Jewel's of the Rift - this is about lake tanganyika cichlids but still cool

So, post up anything that is cool, even if they aren't full length documentaries. I love just seeing footage of our little fish in the wild!

Loved those movies! And bump for the thread. Just finished watching the Amazon abyss series... or rather wasting my time. It's more reality style on the crew and fake drama then actually animals.

Anyone have some more recommendations?
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