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Originally Posted by Steve001 View Post
They might work. I feel the K temp 12000 + is much to high and the CRI of 86 is to low. When you can design an led light at Build My Led using more colors of leds [ 15 I think] to achieve a CRI of 98 at a K Temp 5500-5900 K [ tropical in nature]. You'll be able to create a whiter light. Play around with the app there. Check this thread out. New Lighting for a 150 gallon- 6 ft open top tank.-UPDATED! GROWTH PICS!
Steve001--I looked at the thread you noted and see that you put together an array of lights that allowed you to achieve a very high CRI. How much do the particular colors of the lights matter? For example, you don't have a far red light in your array. How do you know which of the colors the plants most utilize? My question is whether CRI is the bottom line, and how much does your choice of colors matter?

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