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Sorry things did not work out. Much like the 16", the 30" uses the same inners as the 24": boards, leds and driver. Hence, the very small price increase you see from the 24" to 30".

Our apologies. Having only a few select boards available to us, we could have gone with two boards that are in the 16" to make the light a more even spread, however, light output would decrease as 16 LEDs would be sacrificed. To add, there would be a noticeable price increase (similar pricing to that of a 36" unit) for an inferior unit as now two boards and a bigger transformer would needed to be used. As you can see, it was not a decision made to cut corners as there is hardly a price increase from the 24" to 30". Using the same board for the 24" was simply the best available option. I do apologize it did not meet your needs. Your concern is and has been noted. Best of luck in your 30" search.
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