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I'm really impressed with that L. Red, it has stayed red through complete neglect and very little light. Granted the leaves close to the base are greenish.

He's my dumpster dog :] Literally haha, him and 3 of his litter mates were pulled out of a dumpster in Puerto Rico so he could be anything. We are thinking Chihuahua and some terrier cross. He's about 15lbs. His name is Goober. It just kind of stuck haha. Honestly the best dog I've ever had. He will not bark, at all. I will post some pictures of him in a bit. He's really goofy looking, I know my breeds of dogs as I showed Rat Terriers for a little and I honestly have no idea what he is. His tail is ridiculously long and I've never seen a breed with his coloring. Granted he is a conformational nightmare, crooked teeth and all.

And yes that is or was the tank :[ It is just about empty now, all except for a handful of fish that are waiting for my tank to cycle and the tetras that are looking for a new home. Oh and some random plants that I plan to use in the next tank.

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