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Oh yeah. There was a lot of thread algae. I think it loves the plant with thin needle-y leaves. Erios, Blyxa, tonina. But spot treatment with excel and H2O2 for 3-4 days with 50% WC every day made the algae go away.
But still my Christmas moss has a lot of it. I'm gonna take that moss out and use it in my Viv.
Erios are doing amazingly well. Even the tonina. All 6 parkeri produced 2 flower each. I plucked all the flower except one. I just wanna see what happens. That flower thing is just getting long and long every day. As of today its maybe 4-5" long.
But one thing I'm not getting is- Why Pogostemon Helferi isnt doing good in my tank ? I mean the growth is stunned. They are not dieing but not even growing. 3-4 small leaves look like malnutrition-ed. LOL. My parameters are quite good-
pH : 6.2
TDS : 65-75ppm
Temp : Normally lies between 21- 23 D Celsius
KH : 3dKH
GH : 4 dKH
Ammonia, Nitrite - 0 ppm
Nitrates : 10-20 ppm
Substrate : Power Sand + Amazonia New + Pfertz Root tabs
Light : Around 80-90 PAR with Sunrise and Sunset effect
Photo period : 7 hours as of now
CO2 : 3-4 BPS for 20 hours a day. 4 hours for Air pump at night.
Filter : Eheim 2215 running 24x7 + a surface skimmer with a powerhead running 24x7
Ferts : ECA + Green gain + N, P, K, Micros from Pfertz. + Chelated Iron when leaves seem to lose red.
DOnt know.. I think I'm more interested in Erios now. i have started liking them. Maybe Aussie or Japan would be the next in my list
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