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I'm sure there are many people here that parent-raise, and there are alot of good reasons why you should do that, but if I really wanted to grow out a hatch, I would pull the eggs and artificially incubate. There are many articles out there that can explain it better than I can.

If you have gotten them to spawn once, they will do it again. Just keep them well fed and in clean water. I always had luck at warmer temps when I had angels, but I won't counter what anyone else is doing.

Once you get a successful hatch, you have to be ready with Baby brine shrimp and water changes, water changes. For at the least the first 30 days post free-swimming, I would try to feed BBS two to three times a day, with a water change after each. Be very careful with matching your water parameters on changes.

If you dont get a successful hatch, dont worry about it for the first few times. New fathers make mistakes. If you dont get a successful hatch after that, try to catch them with their tubes down. Females have a cylindrical ovipositor, males's tubes are more conical. You can have two females that look like a pair, but obviously, you will get no fertilization going on.

Check out for more info/questions on breeding. Good Luck!
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