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Originally Posted by Magnum26 View Post
Bristlenose plecs would be fine I have four in a 56g because they only get to around 5-6" as a max depending on male and female and are pretty (well I think they are). Otos and Shrimp like Amanos would be good too.

Nice tank though I'll swap you for a bottle of jack.
I have 3 BN albino plecos in there now and they're quite happy. They're just getting big enough to start showing the bristles on the nose.

My angels would just make an expensive snack out of any shrimp except the biggest. The angels aren't as piggy as the black skirts are, though. You'd swear the black skirts were never fed. Act like they're piranhas!

The offers of libation are greatly appreciated! After the day at work today, I could certainly use them, but I think I'll hang on to the tank for a little while longer. LOL!

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