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Originally Posted by alphacat
One other thing: are there common [English] names for any of these guys? Something I've noticed is that you Finns have common names for fish English-speakers have never even seen...
Well, as I'm not a native English speaker I have to rely on other sources, mainly the net. I was kind of hoping that you English speakers would supply the common names. I did edit in some names from Fishbase and MIFF...

I was kind of thinking that giving the continent would give the reader a guestimate for the preferred water values and also some idea for a geotope maybe. I suppose there are more clever ways of doing it.

How about making a quick list in the beginning of the thread with most common ones and giving just links to further down the thread for others? Say, like a link titled: more livebearers. That would work if the fish would be grouped by families. Otherwise? Maybe not. I can edit my lists in any shape you guys think would be most useful!!
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