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Always overrun with fry here it seems.
3-5dGH, 2dKH water @ 79-82F
Live or frozen foods and the potential for problems I don't use them.
I do have RCS here in 3-10g tanks and dump shrimp in tanks to 'push' a pair from time to time.
Hunting angelfish are happy angelfish.

Angels Plus food products and Ed's stuff.

Haven't purchased foods anywhere else in years now. Other than those two it's in house hatched BBS, RCS, guppy fry or mulch raised earthworms.

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2-75g planted, 5-55g planted, 5-20g planted, 110g w/30g sump, 8-10g, Refugium, doghouse/newbie
2012 update adding table top pleco pans & a 90g (Nutz)

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