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Hi DarkCobra, Thanks for the feedback info. Much appreciated. I think the lighting in my tank is on the low side so have added a small "bar" of LED's. The diatoms are no problem thou. From years past, have had all kinds of algae, now I know it's a "given" to have at least some sort of algae.

Thing is, I still don't have a phosphate test kit, so added the Phos-Zorb and Ammo-Chips on a hunch that my organics were building up too high. My 3 tanks have been going now for 3 months and water is crystal clear in all of them, plants are fine too and growing. The tap water I use does come from the St. John's River and there has been a lot of hub-bub about lawn fertilizer "run-off" and high phosphate levels in lots of streams, etc. So, I am experimenting some here, against the idea that the water company has left the phosphates in the water.

Thank You Very Much for taking the time to explain things in more depth than I could ever figure out on my own!

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