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Originally Posted by Knicolas View Post
Finally ordered my CO2 tank. 5lbs shipped to Hawaii for $70. Man I miss living on the mainland when buying supplies was a lot cheaper.

Now all I need left are Fluxus lily pipes and drop checker! Just waiting for GLA to get them back in stock.
very impressed with the diy builds and aquascape.

fyi: co2 at gaspro = they just swap tank for tank when getting a refill. if you want your personal tank back, they tell you to wait 3 weeks, then it comes back all scratched up but filled with the precious co2 of course. aluminum tanks are what they sell and swap with you. usally looks nice anyways. if u find another place that does quick co2 reflls, more power to you and LMK. and hawaii prices are stupid high. try buying a goodluck with your planted tank, looks like a winner.

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