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Originally Posted by Mumford View Post
Did you go with the finnex?

yes. the ray 2 ds, 7k/7k lights.

Originally Posted by rocksmom View Post
x2. I like it way better than my hanging setups I made from conduit.
the hangers are okay. not as slick as ada pipes and wires but it will do for now.

Originally Posted by gnod View Post
subscribed. looking forward to this!
its a fun hobby and this is my most extravagent project yet. good times.

Originally Posted by assasin6547 View Post
That is pretty cool, you selling any of your other tanks?
just breaking the tanks down and storing them away. been trying to sell a few locally, otherwise i got other projects in mind in the future.

Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
nice hanging method! Is the water pretty hard? will you remineralize? or do a tap blend?
i wanted to have full control of water parameters. just adding GLA gh
booster and doing ei dosing and it has been working pretty good on my mini m tank.

Originally Posted by Kai808 View Post
My friend just bought that same RO/DI unit. He's a reefer in Mililani and tired of driving to sand island for water. Great looking set up!
cool..... the vids really sold me. sometimes its all about the advertising. i was also thinking i might do reefing one day so might as well start getting used to making my own water now.

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