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Thanks everyone for your kind words. I thought it was peaceful and hoped other people would like it.

I haven't done anything to enrich the substrate. It's just ADA Aquasoil Amazonia.

Adding the extra Fe seemed to really make a difference in the depth of the green colors.

There's mini moss in the front, dwarf hairgrass in the midground and pearlweed in the background. There's also dwarf hairgrass planted under the pearlweed in the background. I think it helps keep the pearlweed "up" since it tends to creep along the substrate with this light.

I cut off the end of an old plastic comb and occassionally use tweezers to run it through the grass.

If my cherry shrimp ever procreate I'll pop a few in there to give it some bright red contrast.

I really think the size/shape/color of guinea will go well with this. I guess it's just a waiting game for now.

Oh, and that's ADA old black wood from Jeff Senske at Aquarium Design Group. It can sometimes be hard to find materials for little aquariums so it's always nice to find a source.

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