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Another little nano.

This little fella's 2.5 gallons and about 3 weeks old. Still has quite a bit of filling in to do but I think he's got potential. Figured it was time for an introduction.

The picture came out dark but there are 3 distinct shades of green in there and I think they work well in layers. I'm growing out some guinea in another tank and once I have enough I'll use that to add some red highlights.

The tank has one Amano shrimp. No filtration. No circulation. Weekly water changes with a little Equilibrium. 2 x 13w PC lights for 11 hours.

Daily: Excel @ 2x, Ei @ 50%, Flourish Fe.

I cut a plastic notebook cover into strips and pushed them into the substrate around the perimeter of the dwarf hairgrass. This keeps it from sending runners into the mini moss and makes life much easier.

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