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Tank Filled 2/27/13

Hello everyone!

I just bought a new house about a month ago and needless to say things got busy real fast. I rehab housed for a living and there was much to be done. Now that I am settled in at the new place I have some time for my fish tanks.

I have been DSM'in HC in this tank from 12/18/12 - 2/26/13. The HC has filled in very nicely. I have some Platy fry I'm thinking about putting in here once it is cycled.

The HC has been pearling like crazy every since I filled. ( See Pictures)

Attachment 95770

Attachment 95778

Attachment 95786

I added some frog bit to help get a handle on the lighting.

My #1 Goal for this tank is to get a handle on the algae. I do not want thee algae to over take this tank like it has in the past. The tank is in our living room and is somewhat of a show piece. A good conversation starter. lol

I am following the these instruction:

Flooding the Tank

Once the plants have filled in like shown above, it's time to fill the tank with water. Once the water is filled, CO2 injection is required and needs to be kept very high for 2 weeks close to 5 bubbles per second (bps). Afterward, bring it down to 3bps. Setup lights as per the plants requirements. (Cuba is not a very light demanding plant). Setup filter that you have decided on using. If you are using nutrient rich substrate like ADA Amazonia II, follow the below light and water change routine.

Week 1: 3 Hrs of Light , 50 % Water change once in 3 Days
Week 2: 5 Hrs of Light , 30 % Water change once in 3 Days
Week 3: 7 Hrs of Light , 30% Water change once a week
Week 4: 9 Hrs of Light , 30% Water change once a week

Your tank is completely cycled after this stage and if you follow the above routine you will have minimal algae issues except for some diatom algae during the first 2 weeks on the glass which is easily wiped off during your water changes.

NOTE: A correct combination of amount of Light , CO2 and nutrients is required to keep a planted tank free of algae bloom. In most cases it is excessive light that causes the problem. Keep your lighting moderate and you will have minimal algae issues.

Added Notes: This method can be used to grow aquatic plants even in small tubs and kept outdoors such that it gets diffused sunlight. You will have your very own supply of plants for your tanks when you need them. I hope people will benefit from this article as I did and have fun creating such scapes.

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