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FREAKIN AWESOME STORY, but with a SAD,SAD ENDING!!! Sorry you lost them!!!

There is a Pumpkin Seed that I have seen online before, but I don't remember where! It looked allot like yours, but was Bright Red/Orange, with blue "marbling" throughout it's body! I don't think it had as much of the marbling as yours in your Avatar, but either was they are both BEAUTIFUL!!!

Don't worry about the sales name! I will find them some day! I first need to get my tanks I already have setup and running!!! LOL I have had a 40B running on my Kitchen floor for over 8 months!!! I have been using it as a holding tank for some plants I took out of my 55g when I dirted it! BUT I have the $ now for the structure of the stand I am going to build, so it "SHOULD" be at least on the stand frame running pretty soon!!!

I bet a 40b or a 36" 65gal tank would be cool for a Perch setup!

Do You have any more pics of them? If so PM me, as I would love to see them! That way we won't get this thread off topic too much!!!

Thanks Again,
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