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Remembered that I have a list of livebearers with their sizes! So compiled this list of those small enough (IMHO, < 4,5 cm, 1.8'') and of which there are registered populations kept.

Allotoca zacapuensis CA (Mexico)

*Barred Livebearer [Fishbase], Banded Widow, Stuart's Livebearer (Carlhubbsia stuarti) CA (Guatemala)
*Carnegie's Millionsfish/Livebearer, Ten-Spotted Live Bearer (Cnesterodon carnegiei) SA
Cnesterodon decemmaculatus SA
Gambusia alvarezi CA (Mexico)
Gambusia atrora CA (Mexico)
Gambusia aurata CA (Mexico)
Gambusia eurystoma CA (Mexico)
*Big Bend Gambusia (Gambusia gaigei) NA
Gambusia geiseri NA
Gambusia heterochir NA
Gambusia hurtadoi CA (Mexico)
Gambusia lemaitrei SA
Gambusia luma CA
Gambusia milleri
Gambusia nicaraguensis CA
Gambusia rachowi CA (Mexico)
Gambusia regani CA (Mexico)
*Teardrop Mosquitofish [Fishbase], Tropical Mosquitofish, Bandit Mosquitofish (Gambusia sexradiata) CA [fem. max. 5 cm]
Gambusia xanthosoma (Grand Cayman)
Girardinus cubensis (Cuba)
*Grand Cayman Limia (Limia caymanensis) (Grand Cayman)
Limia dominicensis (Haiti)
Limia rivasi (Haiti)
*Sulphur Limia (Limia sulphurophila) (Dom. Rep.)
Neoheterandria cana CA (Panama)
*Tiger Teddy (Neoheterandria elegans) SA
*Picotee Livebearer [Fishbase], Fairweather/Elegant Widow (Phallichthys fairweatheri) CA
*Four-Spot/Domino Widow (Phallichthys quadripunctatus) CA (Costa Rica)
*Pallid Widow (Phallichthys tico) CA (Costa Rica)
*Dusky Millions Fish [Fishbase], Caudo (Phalloceros caudimaculatus) SA
Phalloptychus januarius SA
Poecilia amazonica SA
(*)Branner's Livebearer, Ocellated Micromolly (Poecilia branneri) SA
*Cauca Molly, South American Molly (Poecilia caucana) CA-SA
*Dwarf Molly (Poecilia chica) CA (Mexico)
*Caracas Livebearer, Dwarf Limia, Haiti Limia, Venezuela-Molly (Poecilia heterandria) SA
Poecilia minima SA
Poecilia minor SA
Poecilia sulphuraria CA (Mexico)
Poeciliopsis baenschi
Poeciliopsis monacha CA (Mexico)
*Blackstripe Livebearer (Poeciliopsis prolifica) CA (Mexico)
Pseudopoecilia chocoensis SA
Pseudopoecilia festae SA
Pseudopoecilia nigroventralis SA
Pseudopoecilia panamensis CA (Panama)
*Barred Topminnow (Quintana atrizona) (Cuba)
Xiphophorus continens (Mexico)
*Monterrey Platyfish (Xiphophorus couchianus) (Mexico)
*Northern Platyfish (Xiphophorus gordoni) (Mexico)
*[Southern] Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus) CA
*Catemaco Platyfish (Xiphophorus milleri) (Mexico)
*Pygmy Swordtail (Xiphophorus pygmaeus) (Mexico)
*Swordtail Platyfish (Xiphophorus xiphidium) (Mexico)

Those marked with * are the most likely to be found.

[Sources: Kim M. Walther 2005: Registrations of Livebearers. Denmark.
English names from Fishbase and/or Master Index of Freshwater Fishes]

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