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Originally Posted by Virto View Post
Are you going to use a lid, or do you already have one of those hoods where the light just sits on top of a glass pane? I do, but I swapped the t8 housing for a twin lamp incandescent model that cost like 12 bucks - and put a pair of CFLs in it. Easiest and cheapest solution for me.

I have a clip on desk lamp with a 6500k CFL for my 5 gallon - two of these would work just fine for a 10, but they are more expensive than the cheap hood mount fixture. I use 2 10w 10k bulbs in the low tech 10 gallon, and 1 18w over the 5. I probably wouldn't go over 18w bulbs, even with co2, or you'll spend more time trimming plants than looking at the tank.
I was thinking the clamp lights as well. No I do not have any hoods for anything. This would be an open top. Those standard light hoods probably would be enough for this tank. I just want to make sure 2 cfl bulbs at 6,500K and 18 watts would be enough. I think they would, but I am just looking for the experienced folks on here to give a little insight. Didn't mean to scare everyone away with the "do not refer me to the par article" comment, lol, that article throws me for a loop, and I just rather hear, yes 2 cfl bulb will do, or no they wont and heres what you should do.

Thank for the looks.

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