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Breeding Angels (Blues)

As I know, there is many different articles and threads about breeding angelfish. I have read a fair amount of them. They all seem to have different techniques and parameters needed which is understandable. My main question really is from peoples experiences, what is the main thing to focus on (diet, temp, water changes, slate/ceramics/plants, etc)?

I am new to breeding but would really like to give it a go. The angles I have had for just under a year laid eggs for the first time ever on Valentines Day (coincidence?). I am trying to give my Angels the best chance to feel comfortable and happy in their environments. I moved one pair to their own tank (20XH). The remaining 5 live in my 50 gallon. I have had an additional 10 gallon tank set up for hatching eggs without parents if I can get a pair in my 50 to start laying. Any thoughts or direction to articles I may not have read would be great.

Its been a while since I have been on here and excited to get back into it with a new challenge and goal. It helps that the owner of the LFS is really excited aka $$$ that I am trying to get into breeding angels.

Thanks for the help!
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