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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Thanks for the info everyone!!!

That is a AWESOME Sunfish you have in your Avatar!!! I have always wanted to do a Native Boitope, but I can never find that type of perch! Just Bluegills, Red Ears, and the normal ones we usually see around here! Where did you get him at? Do you have any more pics?

Thanks Again!
Hey thanks. I got them from a seller on aquabid. They are a Northern Missouri Long Ear. I remember the guys name was Brian Zimmerman, i remember that because I had a good friend in HS named that. I cant remember exactly what his seller name was, but it def had zimmerman in it. If you really wanted to know im sure i could dig up the info. Let me know.

That pic in my avatar was my dominant male. The crazy thing is, he was about 2.5" in that pic, and was really just starting to color up. I can only imaging what another few inches would have looked like on him. Unfortunately I lost all but one small, dull female. I made a move of about an hour and half, and i did it all with a uhaul and one friend. The fish sat in a 5g bucket for a day and a half. It turned out to be one of the longest days of my life (got a couch wedged and stuck so bad that it had to be destroyed to get free, and backed into a gas pump with the uhaul). Kind of a comical story, except for losing the fish. I lost them one by one after getting the tank set back.

I am waiting to move again and then I would like to try again. I really enjoyed them. They were aggressive towards each other but seemed fine with other fish (that they couldnt eat). My male was best buds with a green neon swordtail. They were literally inseparable. And the smaller sword was the boss. lol
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