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Tissue Culture Plants

Hey all!

We have begun carrying Tissue Culture plants via Anubias based in Italy. So far they have been enormously successful for our planted tanks in all of our test runs, and a few members here have had some so far and replicated the success.

At this time, we are mostly doing arranged orders on shipments every two weeks. Here is the full availability list and prices / notes for the series:

Linea Cups are cup portions that are about the size of a normal potted plant, plant portions are typically 1.5x-3x what you get in a normal pot.

Contact me via PM or via email at for any specific requests, orders or further information.

LINEA CUPS: $14.25 ea

221301 Cryptocoryne parva
221321 Cryptocoryne petchii "pink"
221332 Cryptocoryne"pygmea" NEW
221262 Cryptocoryne x willisii NEW
222201 Echinodorus tenellus
222360 Elatine hydropiper
222387 Eleocharis parvula
225700 Flame moss
222502 Glossostigma elatinoides
222419 Hemianthus callitrichoides
222862 Hygrophyla pinnatifida
222742 Hydrocotyle sp. "Japan"
223122 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
223265 Littorella
225212 Marsilea sp.
225646 Pogostemon helferi
225500 Plagiomnium cf. affine NEW
225322 Micranthenum micranthemoides
225800 Ranunculus papulentus
275688 Riccia fluitans
226051 Sagittaria subulata
225675 Spiky moss
226112 Staurogyne repens
225678 Taiwan moss
221242 Vesicularia "Christmas moss"
226257 Utricularia graminifolia

Linea Tube is typically for stem plants - taller tubes that contain an average of 30-100 stems of each variety when the stems are smaller plants (such as Rotala), when it is a larger stem, like Staurogyne, it is about 10 stems.

LINEA TUBE: $15.75 ea

200180 Ammania gracilis
200200 Ammania senegalensis
200220 Ammania sp. "bonsai"
201600 Didiplis diandra
202420 Heteranthera zosterifolia
202400 Floscopa scadens
202840 Hygrophila difformis NEW
202640 Hottonia palustris NEW
205040 Ludwigia sp. "guinea"
205060 Ludwiga glandulosa "perennis"
203270 Limnophila hippuridoides NEW
205620 Pogostemon erectus
205645 Proserpinca palustris
205859 Rotala rotundifolia "green" NEW
205860 Rotala wallichii NEW
206130 Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" NEW
206110 Staurogyne sp. "Porto Velho"

Linea CARPET is a 2x3" portion grown on steel mesh of the plants listed below.

LINEA CARPET In Vitro Plants: $16.25 ea

250920 Bolbitis heudelotii CARPET
252415 Hemianthus callitrichoides CARPET
255688 Riccia fluitans CARPET
255647 Pogostemon helferi CARPET
256257 Utricularia graminifolia CARPET
251242 Vesicularia "Christmas moss" CARPET MAX 3 per order
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