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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
I know this might not be what you want to do, but since there is no dry wall up and the tank is on the floor, couldn't you take out the stand framing you have done and turn the boards the opposite way and regain some space? I know it would be some extra work and cash, but it is better to bight the bullet now and do it, then regret the limited amount of space you have after the tank is up and running and drywall up and painted!!

Just a thought!

If it were me I would turn the 2X on their vertical that the tank will be sitting on, and install the vertical supports 90* from the way they are now, and you would have A LOT more space! Then put some cross bracing in the main frame where the tank sits and it would be on the money!

Like I said it would be extra work and $, but it would be soooo much easier now!

Either way this is a COOL BUILD, and I am jealous BIG TIME!!!
can't be done everything is tied in now. the wall, the stand... and we've screwed pressure treated lumber into the cement floor. It would be way too much work. I'd hate to do that to my father in law as well. That and my wife might have a heart attack.

I'll just deal with it, it's really not that bad. I could always give glasscages a shot or order some acrylic and do it myself. Besides, it would be fun. maybe have an 10" x 4' acrylic tank down there? have it flow in from both sides and have the exit in the center.

Originally Posted by aluka View Post
=< why aren't i more handy? I need to build something like this =<
it's less me and more my father in law. I came up with the requirements, he planned out most of it. Though, we both did the work. Honestly though, this basement wouldn't be where it is today, and in such a short amount of time, without him.

He's really been the biggest motivation because he's such a work horse, and I am not!

Originally Posted by PeterN1986 View Post
Great build! Where are you in Philly? I'm right by Fitler Square, by where the river trail begins.
outside philly in the trevose area.
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