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my 40B alligator Snapper riparium

Hey guys, I've been digging around on here for a few days to get ideas for another project I'm getting ready to start, but I thought in the mean time I'd start a thread for the 40b I've been fooling around with for my juvie alligator snapper.

don't worry I know he'll need an upgrade in about a year and a half, but I had the tank and all the hardscape supplies sitting in my garage collecting dust.

I only want to keep about a 3rd of it submerged. all the wood is anchored in a few places per peace and he's too small to push it free at this point, but I'm still gonna have to figure out a more permanent solution.

I'm gonna stick to java fern/ moss for the submerged plants cause I know he's gonna start chowing down on anything else I try to put in. I do want to try some floating stuff though and maybe some duckweed too? also I might try hide some pots behind the drift wood and see if I can plant something stalky too?

That's it for tonight. I'll post more photos as it come's along a little more.

thanks for checking it out
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