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Originally Posted by reconmarui View Post
Okay, my new aquarium has a powered filter system so I get how I can diffuse it in there, but I also have an acrylic aquarium to build. First of all it's one of those 10 dollar corner aquarium. With an under gravel filter, is there a good way to diffuse co2 in that type of filter?
With an undergravel filter (and not a RUGF), you may be better off not injecting CO2 at all, since the surface agitation will quickly off gas any injected CO2.

Originally Posted by reconmarui View Post
Also, can you really get too much co2 from te yeast method? Is that possible in a 1.5 to 2.5 gallon tank?? I actually have one bottle running to two different tanks...
Yes, it is possible in smaller aquariums to inject too much CO2 via DIY CO2.


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