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Fantastic! This is just great, keep 'em coming.

Daniel*Swords - thanks for letting me know about the taxonomic syntax!

Addicted2sp33d - I left off the Black Tetras because they get to be 2½-3 inches... however, if you know something I don't about how well-suited these guys are for nanos, I can add them. Let me know. Thanks!

AnneRiceBowl - pics would be great, but also space-consuming. Just use Google Image Search and probably start by looking for the scientific name first, then the common name (and make sure you put it in quotes so they search for the exact phrase, not just either/or of the names). is good for this too.

Jhoetzl - Excellent point about the Endlers; like I said in another post somewhere, they breed like rabbits on Viagra, to use a colorful euphemism... anybody interested in more about these guys should check out, the Endlers Livebearers Association of America. But yeah... if you keep this fish, be prepared to deal with scads of fry!

Lil boy blue - an obvious choice that I overlooked. Thanks!

It seems that sooner or later we're going to have to further refine/organize this list - species that are best kept in groups (i.e. the earlier question about Corys, for instance), species that are best kept alone or with specially selected neighbors (Bettas), perhaps categories for water conditions (some of these guys like it cold, some warm, some like hard water, others die unless they're in soft water, etc.) - stuff like that.

For now though I'm really happy about the feedback, and hope this proves to be a useful resource in the future.

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