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Are these real?
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I think this is even good for bigger tanks. It is easier to hide for sure! The trick is to find a Powerhead that you can turn around. They are made to suck from their bottoms (to be used for UGF's) so in some the impeller will make a racket if you turn them upside down.

BPS is not a real good number to compare to, since it depends on the size of the bubbles my BPS number is really meaningless to you. I run pressurized in 3 tanks, the 100 gets 2 bps, the 36 about 0.5 bps, and the 10 a little less, maybe 0.33333 bps. However, that is done with my DIY bubble counters. All 3 tanks together use about 2 bps using a Milwaukee bubble counter.

So anyway... The powerhead sits in the bottom corner, and blows fine CO2 bubbles towards the front. They raise up slowly to the surface. Thing is, in the morning, when there is no O2 saturation, you don't see much of the bubbles since they dissolve quickly. Later in the day, O2 saturation leads to some gas exchange and the bubbles drift to the surface, presumably as O2.

Like I said, this method works very well for fully dissolving and evenly distributing CO2 throughout the tank.
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