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This is my other no-tech bowl. I was going to get a couple more pictures but they came out awful so this will have to do

I found this bowl/vase (it's prettily off-centred so I reckon it was meant to be a vase) in a second-hand shop a few months ago. I put this together the other day after rescaping my minnow tank and having lots of moss, gravel and snails left over as well as this weird angular rock that really didn't fit with the river-bottom theme I was going for in that tank. It looked awesome in the bowl, though!

It's about a litre and a half of water and it gets about two hours of direct sunlight a day without apparently killing the snails. It also looks really pretty The full-room shot (please ignore the mess):

It currently has about 10-15 pond snails in there, all happily motoring about on the surface tension of the water and, hopefully, munching on whatever algae they find. I wish I could have a shrimp or two, but sadly they're illegal to import to this part of the world or sell in stores. The only legal way to get shrimps is to catch the local freshwater varieties and apparently they are very delicate to keep

The only problem I am seeing so far is that a lot of the moss has shoots of black/brown-coloured algae growing on it and the snails don't seem to be interested in eating it. Should I be concerned? What can I do?

Thanks for looking
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