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Finally got started on this tank over the weekend. We got the sand rinsed and added. Ended up going with Tahitian Moon Sand because our hardware store here was out of their version of Black Diamond and we don't have a TSC or anything near us. Cleaned the rocks and got them in place. Added the wood and some plants. You can see a couple clumps of java fern floating on the left side of the tank. I just got those in the mail yesterday from h4n, so they're floating temporarily. What you can't see in the picture is that there is fissidens on the ends of the branches and riccia tied to some of the smaller rocks with mesh.

Next steps:

  • Tie the loose ferns to the lower branches.
  • Smooth out the sand. Not sure how that big dip got right in the center of the tank.
  • Crypt lutea (I think, it's a small green one, but too big to be parva) planted around the smaller rocks. I have quite a few of these growing in a couple other tanks that I'm going to steal for this.
  • Crypt wendtii green planted along the back with the florida sunset/bronze/whatever is back there. Got some tiny ones in "meh" condition from Petsmart for 50% off. Hopefully they bounce back okay.

Other things I want to do, not sure when:

  • Order clear tubing to replace the PVC for the spray bar.
  • Figure out a way to route the light cords so you don't see them hanging down the back of the tank.
  • Possibly add vals or other background plant behind the crypts. Not sure yet.

I think that's really it. The plan is to keep this tank pretty simple and low maintenance. It's in the bedroom and on carpet, so it's kind of pain to work on. The more hands off, the better. The tank was obviously cycled since the goldfish were in there, and I've kept a bag of shrimp floating in there since, so it's ready to stock pretty much whenever. I'm thinking once I get the plants in there we'll go ahead and get the fish, maybe in the next week or so. I'm pretty sure we're going to go with panda cories (definitely) and danio roseus (maybe). We also have a gourami that we'll probably add in too. He was sold as a honey gourami, but he might be a dwarf gourami.
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