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Adam C
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I wanted to take a few minutes and give everyone an update as well as share some pictures.

Almost everything has being doing excellent. I've been having trouble with bacopa myriophylloides converting but it seems that stems are finally producing some side shoots. Hopefully they will do better now.

Mold and fungus can definitely become issues! LOL. I acted quickly and the fresh smell of soil has been restored to the grow pantry In case you are wondering, I simply diluted normal H2O2 with water and applied it foliar feeding style. Some plants did not like this at all, but damage was done to leaves that had began to drop. Almost every plant is now doing better since the spray.

I also followed the spray up this morning with a micros, water, and H2O2 watering. (~ 1/5 H2O2 4/5 H2O)

I got a little bored this morning so I decided to rig a DIY co2 system for the top rack. Its only been on there a few hours, but I'm under the impression I will see results soon. I have 2x 3L bottles running individually to two grow trays each. We'll see how it goes.

Well, before I go rambling, I should cut it short and share some new pics! The first pic is of the set as it looks today. The second pictures is of p. helferi. It did not like the H2O2 spray but it looks a lot happier today. Finally is flame moss that has gone crazy. I didn't start with very much so to see it grow this fast is exciting.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

~ Adam
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