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100Liter planted joy from Europe

This is my first aquarium ever and I have it for hmm... about a year now I guess. I made a topic on it before, but since it came such a long way in a year, I guess it deserves a new one

I'll make a more detailed list of filter, lighting and soil in a few hours

Internal bluewave 03 filter

3x24W T5 with 6500K bulbs and reflectors

Tropica plant substrate and black gravel

glossostigma elanoides
ludwigia rubin
hygrophila polysperma
pogostemon erectus
pogostemon helferi
limnophila aromatica

20x Paracheirodon innesi
5x Otocinclus affinis
3x Pelvicachromis pulcher (2x female 1xmale)

Picture time :O

And a view from my couch

Commends appreciated!

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